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Five & Up Table and Chair set

Five & Up Table and Chair set

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The Five & Up Table and Chair can be adjusted for 5 up to Adult Years. The table includes 2 shelves which can be used to store reading, writing and study materials. Leg room is also given consideration for ease in movement when performing activities.

The seat height, table height and even the seat depth can be adjusted as your child grows. This adjustable study table and chair set is made with Philippine made Premium Marine Plywood so its sturdy. Our finishing materials are both child safe, water resistant and easy to maintain.



Made with Hand-picked locally sourced premium plywood and finished with lead-safe and water-based paint and coating. The design includes rounded corners and edges to ensure safety.


For 5 - Adult years
Weight Capacity: Chair: 100Kg, Table: 75Kg
Chair: 18x15x30", Table: 32x19x28.5"
Box: Chair: 24x18x3", Table: 32x19x4"
Product Weight: Chair: 8Kg, Table: 18Kg

Care information

Clean with a damp cloth and soap. Mild alcohol can be sprayed for disinfecting but avoid using boiled water as it will destroy the coating material. Although water-based markers can still be removed, some deep marks are hard to remove and will be part of your Pamama.

We offer repainting though. Send us a message and let's talk about it.

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