Designed for kids and adults

Each Pamama product is designed with its users, their activities and space in mind. Most Pamama products are adjustable to accommodate children and adult's varying measurements and activities as they grow up.

All ages

All Pamama products are listed here for you to choose the perfect... 

1-4 years

These Pamama products were designed to accommodate essential acvities while your babies and... 

5-adult years

We tend to require bigger learning and storage spaces as we grow... 

Safety and Durability

Each Pamama product is known for its strenght and durability. Each product is tested to ensure safety despite potential misuse brought about by kids' curiosity and knack for excitement. We use only premium and locally sourced materail in order to support our local producers which contributes to a degree of sustainability.
  • Built to Last

    Each Pamama undergoes tests to ensure structural stability.
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  • Child safe materials

    Each material and component are handpicked to ensure safety for your children.
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  • Grows with your kids

    Each Pamama is designed to adjust to your children's growing needs.
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Our Mission

Our mission is to help you bring out the best in you and your children by providing you with practical furniture pieces that grows with our changing needs. From the best choice of wood, safest finishing materials and attention to details such as round corners and choice of assembly components, we ensure that all products we design and manufacture is safe and will last.

Sit & Share

The Sit & Share is our newest table and chair set for 4 up to adult years. Made with locally sourced premium marine plywood, it can be used for both indoor and outdoor activities.

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