About us

  Please open mama
 "Pa" is a tagalog slang for the prefix "paki"     which means "please". It is added to a verb   and written as one word (Ex. Pakibukas or   pabukas) . In the example given it was used   together with the word "bukas" which means "open". Our daughter understood the word "pa" as "to open" altogether and would often point to her toy box and ask her mother to open it for her. She would then say "Pa-mama".
We thought it would be perfect as a brand name since the objective of our products was to "open" the minds of children to new things.
Chris would always receive lego sets from his father in the 90's. At the age of six, he started building advanced models such as the Model Team series then later moved on to Lego Technics back in the 90's. Building school projects for himself and his sister brought out the best in him. In 2003, he took up Industrial Design in Manila where he enjoyed building more projects and developed a knack for precision 3D modelling which would later help in the development of products for Pamama Toy Furniture. In choosing a job, he preferred to work for a plastic manufacturing company since he was excellent with precision 3D modelling. Through this job, he learned the important relationship between manufacturing processes and design as both are crucial to successfully produce and sell products. Having a child brought new inspiration and a way to put all his experiences together which eventually gave way to products for Pamama Toy Furniture.
Today, Chris is still making and designing new products with the goal of helping families bring out the best in their children.