Responsible Manufacturing

Our products are made with only the best materials available to ensure its durability. The Classic and Colored variants are all made with locally sourced premium Marine Plywood which is used for making boats and furniture. The Birch variant on the other hand is made with imported Baltic Birch Plywood that is popular among flat-packed furniture across the globe.

What is the difference between Marine and Birch Plywood?

The wood grain and color. Birch has a lighter tone than Marine Plywood and the former has an unmatched beauty in its wood grain. In terms of strength, both are almost equal due to its weight and toughness.

Why use Water-based finishing materials?

The water-based finishing materials we use are both lead-free and odorless to ensure safety for your children when using our products. 

Sharp Edges

All Pamama products were designed to have no sharp edges to avoid possible injuries.

How are your products Shipped?

All Pamama products are packed flat inside rectangular boxes for ease in shipping anywhere in the Philippines. Each set comes with wooden parts and fasteners that can easily be assembled with the included instruction manual.