Grows with your child

In line with our mission to help you bring out the best in your children, we consider the versatility of our products so it can be used for years to come. The Pamama Sit & Learn and Five & Up were both designed so it can be adjusted based on your child's height and needs. The Step & Reach on the other hand, includes braces underneath each step so it can also support an adult when needed.

Sit & Learn

The Pamama Sit & Learn was developed so it can help your child be more independent with tasks such as eating, working on an artwork or simply learning to read and write. It was designed to be used for at least 4 years in order to maximize its usefulness. 

Five & Up

Due to popular demand, we developed a study desk that is geared for learning at home with the addition of shelves which provides instant access to books, writing or art tools and even adapters for gadgets. Although there is a difference between the heigh limit for the chair and table, this set was developed so it can be sold separately since the Five & Up Table can be used by an adult on its level 4 assembly.